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Final Project Agreement -- Terms and Conditions of the FPA (cont.)

    Various federal, state and local statutes and regulations require reporting on the storage, generation or treatment of waste as well as releases or discharges of chemical substances in different environmental media. Under this FPA, Intel will integrate all of the recurring and routine reporting requirements for the Ocotillo Site into one form or consolidated report, with the exception of the reports required under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Right-to-Know Act ("SARA Section 313"). The SARA Section 313 reports will be prepared and submitted separately. In addition, this integrated reporting system will include other indicators that will enable stakeholders to evaluate Intel's progress towards attainment of the voluntary goals that it has established for the Ocotillo Site under this FPA. The consolidated reports will be submitted quarterly to the signatory Agencies and made available to the public two months after the close of each calendar quarter. An annual summary report will be issued by April 1 of each year. A sample copy of the consolidated report form with fictitious data included in Exhibit 1. Such an integrated reporting system not only will streamline reporting, but also

    • Increase public access to and understanding of information regarding the Ocotillo Site's use of resources and impact on the environment;
    • Enhance community understanding of the information reported; and
    • Free up Intel staff time to focus on real environmental improvements.

    Intel's routine reporting obligations, which are set forth in the attached integrated reporting form, are fulfilled by the Company's timely submission of the quarterly consolidated reports with the signatory Agencies.

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