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Final Project Agreement -- Terms and Conditions of the FPA (cont.)

    Various federal statutes require the development and implementation of emergency plans in the event of industrial accidents and/or releases of chemical substances that may be harmful to human health or the environment. Intel is required to implement for the Ocotillo Site a contingency plan under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, a hazardous materials management plan under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, a spill prevention control and countermeasure plan under Section 311 of the Clean Water Act and a risk management plan under Section 112r of the Clean Air Act. Under this FPA, Intel will implement by January 1, 1997 a single emergency plan for the Ocotillo Site that integrates all applicable environmental requirements as they relate to emergency planning, to the extent authorized by law. In particular, these emergency planning requirements will be incorporated within the already effective and nationally recognized Chandler Fire Department Hazardous Materials Management Plan ("HMMP") for Intel. The information in the HMMP will be integrated into the computer-based Emergency Information System maintained by Intel and the Chandler Fire Department. The benefits associated with this innovative approach are:

    • Enhanced community accessibility and understanding of emergency response information, including public availability of the Emergency Information System;
    • Enhanced preparedness and prevention activities by Intel and the Chandler Fire Department due to increased clarity of requirements; and
    • Enhanced emergency response by the City of Chandler Fire Department due to an on-board HMMP Emergency Information System computer on emergency response vehicles.

    With a single consolidated emergency plan, Intel's preparedness and prevention activities will be more effective. Moreover, emergency response by qualified responders is enhanced because of their greater familiarity with the Ocotillo Site and being able to respond to all emergencies with consistent information. As a result, such a plan will provide greater protection of human health and the environment. This plan also will reduce the administrative burden associated with developing and maintaining several plans for essentially the same types of risks.

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