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November 16, 1998 Meeting Summary

Project XL for Communities Sponsor/Stakeholder meeting for
Portland's Lead Hazard Reduction Program (LHRP)
November 16, 1998
9:00am-2:00(?) pm  

Desired Outcomes for Today's Meeting:

·Consensus on effective and parallel efforts for both more broadly-based stakeholder involvement,
and a cohesive group of stakeholders to be directly involved in this FPA process

·Consensus on the specific Decision-Making process we will use for the development of the FPA

Agenda Item
15 min  Introductions 
    Stacey Edwards 
· Information
20 min  Setting the Context of this meeting and the XL process
    Stacey Edwards
    Bill Glasser, 
    Kristina Heinemann
    Rosemary Menard 
· Information 
· Common understanding
Two hours  Models for Effective Decision-Making Processes 
    Elaine Hallmark:
Two models:
·  Consensus Decision-Making with Stakeholders
·  Public-Consultation and Information Sharing 
· Information
· Questions and Answers
· Discussion
· Common understanding of the types of decisions to be made
· Consensus on the specific Decision-Making process we will use
20 min  Next Steps:
· Schedule a third meeting
· Identify where we go from here 
· Decision
· Consensus
n Adjourn n

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