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PCS Nitrogen, L.P.

Letter from A.A. Hujabre (PCS) withdrawing project proposal

Adele D. Cardenas, P.E. - XL Coordinator
USEPA, Region VI
Compliance Assurance & Enforcement Division, 6EN-L
1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75202-2733

RE: Project XL - Phosphogypsum Reuse Project

Dear Ms. Cardenas:

The intent of this letter is to formally withdraw the subject XL project and to document the PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P. (PCS Nitrogen) project status as a follow-up to our October 31, 1997 meeting at your office.

As discussed in our meeting PCS Nitrogen has thoroughly evaluated the referenced project and has not determined a viable basis on which to proceed at this time.  A review of previous evaluations has suggested discrepancies which did not include all aspects of the market, project logistics, and project development.  PCS Nitrogen does firmly believe that this project requires further developmental work and is not ready to be implemented at this time.

We will continue to evaluate this alternative and other alternatives for potential reuse of phosphogypsum.  At some point in the future we may find our way back to your office with a better and more viable alternative.

PCS Nitrogen would like to thank you in particular for the attention given to our project and coordination that you provided during the recent months associated with Phase I approval.

PCS Nitrogen would like to commend EPA and the Region VI office on the development of the XL Program and the quality of people afforded us to work with on this project.  Please contact us if there is anyway in which we can benefit the XL Program or your office.

A. A. Hujabre
Plant Manager

xc: Bohlinger, Hall LDEQ
Henry, Michael LDEQ
Trahan, Donald LDEQ
Glenn,John LDEQ
Bonnelycke, Nina EPA Headquarters
Ferrara, Randy - PCS Nitrogen - Memphis
Patterson, Michael - PCS Nitrogen - Geismar

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