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Uniroyal Chemical Co.

Letter from Jay Patel, Uniroyal, to Adele Cardenas, U.S. EPA, regarding cost estimates for pollution prevention projects

P.O. Box 397
Geismar, Louisiana 70734

November 12, 1997
Certified Receipt P279 033 220
Adele Cardenas, P.E.
Environmental Engineer - Project XL
U.S. EPA Region VI
1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75202-2733

Dear Ms. Cardenas:

As per our conversation on November 11, 1997, we are submitting the following cost estimates for the four proposed pollution prevention projects.

Raw Materials Cost Savings
Improved Toluene Recovery $ 46,000/Year
Recovery and Recycle High Boiling Tars $232,000/Year
Ketone Recovery $130,000/Year
Ketone Secondary Separation $ 42,000/Year
Total Raw Material Cost Savings $450,000/Year
Operating and Maintenance Cost
Improved Toluene Recovery $ 94,000/Year
Recovery and Recycle High Boiling Tars $265,000/Year
Ketone Recovery $ 88,000/Year
Ketone Secondary Separation $ 37,000/Year
Total Raw Material Cost Savings $484,000/Year
Capital Cost
All Four Projects $3,000,000 - $4,000,000

We are unable to provide an accurate capital cost estimate for each project at this time. The above figures are derived collectively based on the engineering and cost index factors. Individual cost estimates will require a detailed process design followed by an engineering design for each project. This will require a considerable amount of effort, which we will undertake once we have received acceptance by the EPA for Project XL. Yours truly,


Jay S. Patel
Environmental Manager

cc: Nancy Birnbaum - U.S. EPA
William B. Hathaway - U.S. EPA
Caroline Makepeace - U.S. EPA
Chen Wen - U.S. EPA
Carrie Wehling - U-S - EPA
Angela Cracchiola - U.S. EPA
Kitty Miller - U.S. EPA

J. Dale Givens - LaDEQ
Linda Korn Levy - LaDEQ
John C. Glenn - LaDEQ
Gary Aydell - LaDEQ

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