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Crompton Corporation (Formerly Witco Corporation)

Letter from Ohio Valley Environmental Commission to Witco

9 October 1996

Mr. Okey Tucker, Environmental Manager
Witco Corporation
OSi Specialties Group
P.O. Box 180
Sistersville, WV 26175

Re: Project XL

Dear Mr. Tucker:

Thank you for soliciting comments from the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) regarding the Project XL program. OSi is to be commended for its willingness to involve the community and other interested parties about the proposed project. Openness by the chemical industry with the community is always a plus.

As you well know, source reduction and pollution prevention helps to protect workers, communities and the environment and can often save industry money over the long haul. While OVEC and other environmental organizations recognize the importance of pollution prevention and source reduction, we also are advocating "zero discharge" of toxic persistent compounds and other pollution as technological advancements make this feasible. OVEC hopes that OSi will consider using closed-loop and other pollution prevention technologies as they become available, especially since OSi is the number one discharger of reproductive toxins into the Ohio River.

While overall emissions will be reduced significantly as a result of the project, OVEC is very concerned that there are no planned emission reductions for toluene, a known carcinogen and reproductive toxin.

Because of the limitation of time and resources, I respectfully request that you remove OVEC's name as an environmental group that would serve as a resource for sponsors and neighbors. Also since no one from OVEC has thoroughly reviewed the materials that you sent us, it would not be proper for OVEC to "sign off" on the project at this time. Again, thanks for the opportunity to comment.


Janet Fout, Project Coordinator

c: David Gardiner, Assistant Administrator, US EPA, Washington, D.C.

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