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DOD: Naval Station Mayport

Status Report

1996 Status Report Environmental Policy,
Organization and FundingCategory:

N/A Consider a ma or claimant / CNO issue.
Environmental Policy, Organization and Funding is essentially a compilation of OPNAVINST 5090. I.B.Scoring: N/A Procedures for Implementing NEPA Category: MODERATE

Administrative program.
Nonpermited program.
Program is not subject to regulatory inspection, although it is subject to judicial action.

Scoring: No Deficiencies. Pollution Prevention Category:

Initiated by executive order.
To regulatory requirements.
Pollution Prevention in itself is not subject to regulatory enforcement.
Pollution Prevention is a subsidiary of other programs.

Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies Reference NELP P2 QMB. Procedures for Implementing EPCRA Category:

Limited regulatory enforcement/oversight capability (Federal enforcement only).
Essentially an administrative and procedural program.

Scoring: No Deficiencies Clean Air Ashore Category:

Involves permitted facilities.
Involves a significant number of regulated sources.
Numerous regulations.
Significant personnel and financial resources.

Scoring: No Deficiencies. Management of ODS Category:

NAVSTA Mayport has no class I ODS

Scoring: No Deficiencies Clean Water Ashore Cateogory:
Major-Involves permitted Facilities.

-Significant resources.
-Requires frequent sampling, monitoring, and inspections.

Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies

Equipment up-grading requirements.
Ship CHT issues.

Drinking Water & Water Conservation Category:

Involves permitted facilities.
Requires frequent monitoring and inspections.
Regulated by a number of State of Florida agencies: DEP, HRS, SJRWNM.

Scoring: Significant Deficiencies St. Johns River Water Management District - Letter of Notification. Oil Management Ashore Category :
Major Requires continuous monitoring.

Significant personnel and funding allocated.
Involves significant infrastructure of piping and pumping systems.

Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies

Equipment upgrades are required.
Foaming issues with ships.

Oil & Hazardous Substance Contingency PlanningCategory:
Major Major fueling operations.

Involves regulatory permits and strict regulatory oversight.
Significant personnel and funding allocated.

Scoring: Significant Deficiencies
Reference USEPA SPCC inspection.Administrative deficiencies.

OHS plan requires updates. Bulk tank issue at oily waste plant requires resolution.

PCB Management AshoreCategory:

No PCB sources have been identified.Limited local regulations.

Scoring: No Deficiencies
Hazardous Waste Management Ashore Category:

Involves many commands and facilities.
Significant personnel and funding allocated.

Strict regulatory requirements and oversight.Scoring:
Recognized DeficienciesVery involved program which involves continuous attention. Pesticide Compliance Ashore Category:
Minor No permitted facilities.

Certified contractors are utilized.
No bulk storage capabilities.
Limited resources allocated.

Scoring: No Deficiencies Solid Waste Management & Resource Recovery Ashore Category:

-One permitted transfer Facility.
-No landfill capabilities.

Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies

Management and documentation issues require resolution.

Installation Restoration Category:
Major Significant funds allocated.

Required fixture expenses are considerable.Involves numerous regulations and cleanup criteria. Involves permitted activities.

Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies Funding issues hinder expedient cleanups.Storage Tanks Category:
Major Seventy tanks require registration and permits.

Extensive integral piping systems
Requires frequent monitoring and inspections.

Storage systems require upgrading.Monitoring systems require improvements. Noise Prevention Ashore Category:
Minor Regulated by local ordinances and executive order.Essentially a nuisance issue.Involves no permits.

Scoring: No Deficiencies Overseas Environmental Compliance AshoreCategory:

N/ACONUS Facility Scoring: N/AEnvironmental Compliance AfloatCategory:

N/AShore command. Scoring: N/AEnvironmental Compliance Evaluation Ashore Category:

Essentially an administrative program.
No designated personnel.

CINCLANTFLT inspection every 3 years.Scoring:
Recognized Deficiencies

Refer to ECE audit. Ocean Dumping Category: N/A
Issues are currently handled by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Scoring: N/ANatural Resources Management Category:
Major Program protects a number of endangered species.

Significant personnel and Financial resources.

Very visible program which generates public interest. Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies Internal instructions and procedures need refining.Sign issues need to be resolved.

Historical and Archaeological Resources Protection Category:
Minor Only one historical structure.

No permits issued.Limited regulatory interaction.Several sites are currently in an investigative phase.Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies: Maintenance issues with the lighthouse remain unresolved.

Additional investigations are required.

Environmental and Natural Resources

TrainingCategory: Major Significant financial resources allocated.

Effects all personnel and overlaps all areas.

Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies Improvements are required for some training programs. Some QNM initiatives need to be implemented.

Sampling and Laboratory Testing Category:
Minor No laboratory operations. Services are contracted. Scoring: Recognized Deficiencies

Contract services require improvements.

Excessive response time.



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