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Berry Corporation

Letter from Lisa Lund to Linda Greer

Ms. Linda Greer
Natural Resources Defense Council
1350 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 3002
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Ms. Greer:

Thank you for your comments, provided to Deputy Administrator Fred Hansen at the Project XL meeting on July 16, regarding the draft Project XL Final Project Agreement (FPA) with the Jack M. Berry Corporation. Mr. Hansen asked me, as the newly appointed Deputy Assistant Administrator for Project XL, to review your concerns. Although the FPA had already been signed and issued on July 8, 1996, I found your comments nevertheless to be constructive and important considerations for the implementation phase of this project and the negotiation of others.

Attached for your information is a point-by-point review of your comments. I believe that you will find that many of your concerns were addressed in the final FPA. However, your comments will be very useful in identifying aspects of the agreement to which we should pay particularly close attention during implementation. EPA also hopes that NRDC will continue to monitor the Berry project and other XL projects, as we do. Your comments suggest particular kinds of information that will be of interest to NRDC in this regard.

Please contact Jon Kessler, Acting Director of the Emerging Sectors and Strategies Division, at 202-260-3761, if you have any questions regarding the attached review. I look forward to working with you and NRDC to continue our constructive exchange regarding Project XL. Once again, thank you for your suggestions concerning the Berry FPA and your continued input into the XL dialogue.


Lisa Lund,
Deputy Assistant Administrator

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