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Eastman Chemical

Letter of Withdrawl from Eastman

Eastman Chemical Company P.O. Box 511
Kingsport, Tennessee 37662

August 18, 1997


A.Stanley Meiburg
Deputy Regional Administrator
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4
100 Alabama Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Mr. Meiburg:

Eastman Chemical Company (Eastman) is withdrawing our request for a Regulatory Reinvention (XL) Pilot Project submitted on October 29, 1996. We plan to explore other pathways with our local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to achieve our goal of responding to current and pending regulations with cost-effective solutions that achieve superior environmental results.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance with our proposal.


Mr. Charles L. Bailey
Vice President
Tennessee Eastman Division
Eastman Chemical Company

cc: Wayne Scharbert (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation)
Bill Patton (EPA Region 4)
Eileen McGovern (USEPA, Office of Reinvention)

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