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Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB)

Letter from Janet Dillon to Walter Walsh

600 E. Esplanade Drive
Ninth Floor
Oxnard, CA 93030
Phone (805) 081-3000
Fax (805) 088-1180
e-mail: jdillon@ix.netcom.com

June 13, 1996

Mr. Walter Walsh
401 M Street SW/2123
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Mr. Walsh:

Perhaps you have seen the public participation plan I helped Vandenberg AFB design for Project ENVVEST. Eco-Partners was suggested to Vandenberg AFB by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.

I want to introduce Eco-Partners to you so that you will know the philosophy of public participation which Vandenberg has incorporated into its plan. I have enclosed a short brochure explaining how Eco-Partners works. Agencies can request as simple or extensive public participation plans as needed to fit the situation.

Eco-Partners evolved from a process I designed for Ventura County to respond as a community to the proposed Federal (Air) Implementation Plan for the county in 1994. Almost 50 public and private entities endorsed the Ventura County Alternative FIP regulation which the process produced. These endorsements were presented to US EPA at its public hearing in Ventura in July, 1994, by a county supervisor/Air District Board member. Following that experience, I envisioned a not-for-profit corporation to respond to future community environmental issues. Eco-Partners is incorporated in California, but Eco-Partners can work anywhere, so long as a community advisory committee is established to provide guidance.

By the way, Eco-Partners was identified by the 3M Camarillo XL stakeholders as one of the five local organizations which could hold air credits contemplated to be donated by 3M. Eco-Partners was instrumental in getting the other organizations so-identified together to work on a joint proposal for holding the air credits, rather than the competitive model envisioned by 3M.

If you have any questions or comments about Vandenberg's public participation process or about Eco-Partners, I can be reached by phone or e-mail.

Best wishes for XL and ENVVEST,

Janet Dillon, Ph.D., Esq.



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