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Merck & Co., Inc.

Letter from Welty and Alice Hensley to Robin Moran

406 North Stuart Avenue
PO Box 65
Elkton, VA 22827
Phone: (703) 298-222 Bus.
(703) 298-1491 Res.

May 7, 1997

Robin Moran
841 Chestnut building
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4431

Dear Robin Moran:

We have lived in Elkton, Virginia for all lives and have enjoyed the convenience of a small town. I have been Mayor for two terms and a Chevrolet Dealer and now I am a Real Estate Broker.

I have seen Merck and Co. Inc. start from scratch and grow into a nice facility. They have been an excellent corporate company. They support the community unselfishly. I have seen first hand their generosity. I am member on the board of directors of Elkton Historical Society and they supported this endeavor with a very generous financial contribution. The project EX-Cell proposed by President Clinton and Merck and Co. Inc. is very commendable. WE urge that you and your group of people approve this project with all deliberate speed. Also We suggest that you appoint a local person on the Board that oversees this worthwhile project Bill Sipe or Betty Sellers would be good representative for this review board and have one vote. They have been very interested in this project.


Welty H. Hensley
Alice R. Hensley

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