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Merck & Co., Inc.

Letter from Barry Ream to Robin Moran

Ms. Robin Moran
Environmental Protection Agency
841 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107

Dear Ms. Moran:

I am a resident of Elkton, Virginia as well as an employee of Merck & Co. Inc. I am writing this letter in regard to Project XL. As an employee I am not directly involved with the process but have been kept informed through the newsletter. From what I have read, the project sounded very favorable to all parties involved and as a neighbor to Merck, I would like to express my wholehearted support for the project.

I would also like to express a concern. Initially, I thought the process in developing the project was also exemplary, with involvement from all interested parties. However, there seems to be a problem developing from what I have read in our local newspaper. That problem appears to be that an individual citizen of the community wishes to have a vote for approval when the parties complete the process. To me that seems very wrong! I could ask why I do not get the vote? I feel our elected supervisors will adequately represent me, and if not I will have a recourse at the polls. With Mrs. Sellers, I have no recourse.

I will conclude by saying that knowing how Merck operates they will not knowingly do anything to harm our environment and I can feel very comfortable living beside such a benevolent corporate neighbor.


Barry Ream

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