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Summary of NESHAP Source Category

A Summary of NESHAP for Source Category: Pulp and Paper Production
Federal Register: March 8, 1996 (Vol 61 No. 47)
pp. 0383-9399

This summary contains a brief overview of the proposed rule excluding, the subcategories of sulfite, soda, and semi-chemical mills, and section X, which covers standards for Nonchemical Pulp Mills (MACT III). The section headings in the summary correspond to those in the Federal Register notice.

  • Sets forth the most significant changes EPA is considering (not inclusive of all changes)
  • Announces proposed additional sources not covered by 1993 proposed standards
      - Mechanical mills
      - secondary fiber mills
      - non-wood fiber mills
      - paper machines
  • Proposed NESHAP for chemical recovery area combustion sources at mills will follow in separate action later this year

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