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Weyerhaeuser and Carolina Power and Light Companies

Letter from Linda Rimer to Mark Tracey

State of North Carolina
Department of Environment,
Health and Natural Resources DEHNR

James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor P.O. Box 27687

Jonathan B. Howes, Secretary Raleigh, North Carolina 27611-7687

Linda Bray Rimer, Assistant Secretary Telephone 919-715-4140

for Environment Protection Fax 919-715-3060

March 6, 1996

Mr. Mark Tracey
Facility Manager, Weyerhaeuser
985 Corinth Road
Moncure, North Carolina 27559

Dear Mr. Tracey:

I would like to highlight the steps that must occur in the immediate future if we are to reach a resolution on the proposed XL project at Moncure. We have already missed our originally agreed upon deadline of January 15, so we only have a short window of opportunity left to make this succeed.

Because the support of the affected public and the conservation community will be essential to the success of this project, you need to bring them into this process as soon as possible. You will also need to provide EPA with sufficient details for them to evaluate the merits of this project. Therefore the final documentation needs to be completed and sent to us and the appropriate EPA reviewers by the first of next week. We will follow-up with the EPA reviewers to assure that their concerns have been adequately addressed.

It is our latest understanding that CP&L must order their control equipment by April 15, 1996, to ensure the controls will be operational before the 1997 ozone season. A similar time table for your company necessitates control equipment being ordered by June 15. It is therefore imperative that we reach an agreement with all affected parties before the end of this month, March, 1996.

There has been some discussion about organizing a press conference. We believe this would be premature until the actions outlined above are completed. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alan Klimek, Chief of the Air Quality Section, at telephone (919)715-6233.


Linda B. Rimer


cc: Preston Howard

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