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Dow Chemical Company, Freeport Texas

Letter from Mary J. Acardo to Jon Kessler

Mary Jane Accardo
3919 Essex Lane #132
Houston, Texas 77027
Ph. (713) 993-9317
Fax (713) 992-9298

February 12, 1996

Mr. Jon Kessler
Office of Public Policy Planning and Evaluation
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street - Mail Code 2111
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Mr. Kessler:

I am writing on behalf of the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) to Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, Texas. Sandy Henderson, Dow's RCRA and Solid Waste Issues Manager, attended the CAP's January meeting and gave a briefing on the proposed Project XL. This was the second review of the proposal for the members.

The members listenened carefully to the information Sandy gave them, and were in agreement with the principles of alternative compliance offering greater environmental benefits that are company-determined and implemented. The members also supported the savings to the company that Project XL offers.

The CAP had questions about the costs under the current arrangements and the benefits of the existing system in comparison to the alternative strategy's costs and benefits. The CAP also wanted more time to study the implications for the community. Members will consider forming a sub-group to work with Sandy as the proposal moves toward acceptance to discussions with Dow. They decide to maintain the group if Dow implements Project XL to monitor its progress.

The group asked to see the proposal, and to have a summary fact sheet on the Boiler/Industrial Furnace component. Dow will update the CAP as the proposal makes its way through your office. In the interim, the CAP will educate itself and prepare for a complete response to Dow regarding the value of the effort. I anticipate that they will express their full support to your office when they have time to study the proposal and its consequences.

Yours truly,

Mary Jane Accardo
CAP Facilitator

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