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January 25, 1999 Meeting

Project XL for Communities Sponsor/Stakeholder meeting for
Portland's Lead Hazard Reduction Program (LHRP)

January 25, 1999
9:00am-2:00 pm

Desired Outcomes for Today's Meeting:

Breaks will be taken as needed

Agenda Item 
10 min 
Introductions  Information
10 min
Review Agenda
Joan Brown-Kline
Bert Seierstad 
Consensus on how to proceed today
20 min 
 Water Quality Monitoring in targeted "Tier 1" homes
Mark Knudson
Understanding of what the results mean, and the actions that are being taken as a result of the monitoring
20 min
Summary and Highlights of the DRAFT Final Project Agreement
Understanding of the content of the FPA
Group members to identify:
1) parts of the FPA that need further explanation, discussion and comment
2) and any other issues that we should focus on in today s meeting
3 hours
Discussion of the FPA
Review and revise the FPA
45 min  Next Steps:
  • How group members can provide further comment/feedback on the FPA.
  • Plans for finalizing the FPAPlans for the 30-day comment period.
  • Who will sign the FPA?
  • Other issues? 


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