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Flint River Operations Project XL Kickoff Meeting

Meeting Summary

Project XL Kickoff, January 25, 1996
Flint River Operations

Attendees included five EPA representatives, four from EPD, two representatives from PPAD, and one representative from the Lake Blackshears Watershed Association. Representing Weyerhaeuser were Kent Walker, Russell Stevenson, Frank Wohrley, Sara Kendall, Gary Risner, and Lee DeHihns, Alston & Bird.

I must say I thought Weyerhaeuser and an Outstanding first encounter. The mill was in excellent shape. The agenda fit the needs of the agencies; and the Flint River Team presentations were very well prepared and very well received. It was obvious that there was a great deal of effort put forth by the Flint River Team to prepare for this meeting. I want to personally recognize Kent Walker, Russell Stevenson, and Frank Wohrley for a job well done.

I have attached a copy of the meeting agenda. The "meat and potatoes" of the meeting was the delivery of our initial thoughts for proposed regulatory flexibility that Weyerhaeuser would be asking for. Absolutely no a verse reactions were perceived from the agencies. All were very helpful with initial comments on how they would begin developing our list. The EPA stated that this information was exactly what they were looking for and, that no other XL company had presented this type of information yet. We cautioned that our initial list may be incomplete and we encouraged each of the agencies to add to the list any items/issues that could result in lower costs while maintaining/improving environmental protection.

Both the EPD and PPAD were very complementary to the historical environmental performance of the Flint River Operations and, also stated that they have really enjoyed the working relationship established with the Flint River Team.

The biggest issue flagged in the meeting was how can we achieve our regulatory flexibility when existing laws dictate otherwise. This is the challenge for the EPA. Our legal team has already begun working with EPA legal counsel to look for creative ways to address this issue. Every XL project will have to face this same hurdle.

Next steps

EPA will review our list for regulatory flexibility next week. During the week of Feb. 5th. EPA and EPD will meet to discuss development process. During that week Russell and I will be providing more details and answering questions as necessary. Over the next month there wil be technical meetings as necessary [missing text]

Our next Final Project Agreement development meeting is scheduled for Feb. 28th at EPA Region IV here in Atlanta. At this meeting the proposed agenda will include the following topics:

Weyerhaeuser will present draft Project XL description
Weyerhaeuser will present proposed environmental performance targets
Team will discuss/establish list of items for regulatory relief,
Identify areas for further reviews.
Develop next steps.

As we begin the technical/regulatory review with the agencies over the next three weeks, the Feb. 28th meeting agenda may change.

Gary Risner

January 25, 1996

Participants: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
Lake Blackshear Watershed Association

10:00am Welcome / Safety / Introductions Kent Walker

10:15am U.S. EPA & GA EPD Comments Bill Patton / David Word

10:30am Facility Overview Kent Walker

Current & Future Business Direction Kent Walker
Facility Process Flow Description Russell Stevenson
Flint River's MIM Evolution Russell Stevenson

11:00am Facility Tour of Process & Environmental Russell Stevenson /
Management Systems (EMS) Frank Wohrley

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm Begin XL Final Project Agreement (FPA) Gary Risner
Development / Discussion

Flint River's 1995 Environmental Frank Wohrley

XL Project Description (MIM Russell Stevenson EMS Regulatory Flexibility Russell Stevenson

2:00pm Break

3:30pm Break

3:45pm Continue XL FPA Development Discussion

FPA Development Overview / Process Gary Risner

4:30pm Wrap-up

Identify follow-up Actions / Owners Russell Stevenson /
Develop Meeting Schedule Gary Risner

5:00pm Adjourn

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