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Antimicrobials Division (AD) Contacts

The Antimicrobials Division (AD) is responsible for all regulatory activities associated with antimicrobial pesticides, including product registrations, amendments, and reregistrations.

Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility
Immediate Office 703-308-6411
Fax: 703-308-6437
Jennifer McLain mclain.jennifer@epa.gov 703-308-0293 Acting Director
Jennifer McLain mclain.jennifer@epa.gov 703-308-0293 Deputy Director
Juanita Cherry, Administrative Team Leader cherry.juanita@epa.gov 703-308-6428 Computer Services, Budget, Human Resources, Contracts, Facilities, Bankcard, QA, Web Page (Technical), Training
AD Ombudsman OPP_AD_Ombudsman@epa.gov General registration questions, PRIA codes/fees/refunds, treated articles, devices, joint reviews (e.g., NAFTA labels), pre-application/pre-registration meeting requests
Risk Assessment & Science Support Branch (RASSB)
Fax: 703-308-6467
Steven Weiss weiss.steven@epa.gov 703-308-8293 Branch Chief
Timothy Leighton
leighton.timothy@epa.gov 703-305-7435 Human Exposure Assessment and Risk Characterization
Donna Randall randall.donna@epa.gov 703-605-1298 Environmental Exposure Assessment/Risk Characterization
Tim McMahon, Senior Scientist mcmahon.tim@epa.gov 703-308-6342 Toxicology, Risk Assessments
Product Science Branch
Fax: 703-308-6467
Emily Mitchell, Branch Chief mitchell.emily@epa.gov 703-308-8583 Branch Chief
Mark Perry, Team Leader
Efficacy Evaluation Team
perry.mark@epa.gov 703-308-8024 Efficacy and Public Health Protocol Review
Karen P. Hicks
Team Leader
Toxicology/ Chemistry Team
hicks.karen@epa.gov 703-308-8417 Product Chemistry and Acute Toxicology Review
Regulatory Management Branch I
Fax: 703-308-6467
John Hebert hebert.john@epa.gov 703-308-6249 Branch Chief
Velma Noble
Team Leader
PM Team 31
noble.velma@epa.gov 703-308-6233 Quaternary ammonium, Compounds, Ethylene Oxide
Seiichi Murasaki
Team Leader (Acting)
PM Team 33
murasaki.seiichi@epa.gov, 703-347-0163 Antifoulants, Copper, Silver, Peroxy and Zinc compounds, MBT, Nabam, Gluteraldehyde, Isothio zoline-ones, Formaldehyde
Regulatory Management Branch II
Fax: 703-308-8481
Lance Wormell wormell.lance@epa.gov 703-603-0523 Branch Chief
Demson Fuller
Team Leader
PM Team 32
fuller.demson@epa.gov 703-308-8062 Hypochlorite, Iodine, Bromine and Water Purifiers devices and device determinations
Julie Chao
Team Leader (Acting)
PM Team 34
chao.julie@epa.gov 703-308-8735 Wood preservatives, Phenolic compounds, pine oils
Rose Kyprianou
Team Leader
PM Team 36
kyprianou.rose@epa.gov 703-305-5354 Registration review, Reregistration Eligibility Decisions (REDs), Data Call-Ins (DCIs), Product Reregistration

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