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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Dithianon (Pc Code 099201)

January 29, 1971. Review. 9 Pages.
David Greenman. Pesticide Registration Branch.
Reg. No. 140-RTL, Referral Date - 11/7/69, Fungicide.
...we have reviewed the data... of the petition for
a tolerance...
Tox review 007652.

May 20, 1971. Memorandum. 6 Pages.
Clara Williams. Toxicology Branch.
Request for additional toxicological data for dithianon,
Pesticide Petition No. 1F1055.
Two year feeding study in rats. Two year feeding in dogs.
Tox review 007651.

May 1, 1972. Memorandum. 7 Pages.
Eleanor Long. Toxicology Branch.
Dithianon. Second review of pathological findings
in chronic toxicity studies [2-year dog and rat feeding].
Pesticide petition 1G1055.
Tox review 007650.

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