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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Zinc oxide (Pc Code 088502)

September 30, 1985. Memorandum. 12 Page(s).
Albin Kocialski. Toxicology Branch.
Zinc Oxide for Incorporation into Nylon Fiber
as an Antimocrobial Agent in the Manufacture of Carpets.
Manufacturing-Use Only Product [99.7% ai]
EPA File Symbol 524-GLU
Tox review 004702. Accession No. 256240.

February 14, 1986. Data Eval. Rec. 15 Page(s).
Norman Cook. Ecological Effects Branch.
Acute Oral LD50 Bobwhite Quail, ACC # 260702. Also Eight-day
Dietary LC50 Bobwhite Quail, 96-hr LC50 Rainbow Trout, 96-hr
LC50 Bluegill Sunfish, 48-hr LC50 Daphnia magna.

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