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Index for Urea (Pc Code 085702)

March 19, 2002. Memorandum. 116 Pages.
Michelle Centra. Reregistration Branch III, HED.
ENFROST (Urea, End-Use Formulation): Toxicology Chapter
of the Tolerance Reassessment Eligibility Decision (TRED)
for the Active Ingredient Pesticide, Urea.
Inert ingedient info on page 19, 21 not included.
Tox review 050172.
Attachment(s) following:

June 30, 1989. Memorandum.
Sidney Stoltzenberg. Tox Branch II HFAS.
(attachment 1, page 16)
Review of Six Acute Toxicity Studies and Two Literature
Reviews on Urea. Review PP #8F3662.
MRIDs 40733301 thru 40733308.
Tox review 007297.

February 24, 1989. Memorandum.
D. Ritter. Health Effects Division.
(attachment 2, page 72)
PP # 8F3662 - Petition for use of Urea on crops
as a frost protection agent. Request to waive
certain toxicity requirements.
Tox review 007297.

June 19, 1991. Memorandum.
Ray Landolt. Toxicology Branch II.
(attachment 3, page 75)
Urea (Enfrost).
'In response to the Toxicology review (007297)... the
registrant has...'
Tox review 008416.

April 17, 2001. Memorandum.
Joycelyn Stewart. Health Effects Division.
(attachment 4, page 78)
Data waiver request for urea as an active ingredient
for use a s afrost protectant.

March 10, 2002. Memorandum.
Joycelyn Stewart. Health Effects Division.
(attachment 5, page 81)
ENFROST (Urea, End-Use Formulation): Re-evaluation
of mammalian acute toxicity studies... Submitted by Unocal
Corporation in Support of Registration. MRID 44733301 to 06.
Tox review 050171.

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