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Index of Cleared Science Reviews -
Tributyltin Maleate (Pc Code 083118)

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June 02, 1978. Review. 12 Page(s).
Dennis Guse. Efficacy & Ecological Effects Branch.
New application with data; Liquid to be used as formulated.
Document (549 KB PDF).

December 15, 1978. Review. 5 Page(s).
Carl Grable. Efficacy and Ecological Effects Branch.
Preservative for fabric, adhesive, paint, and vinyl.
Document (243 KB PDF).

June 12, 1980. Review. 3 Page(s).
Dennis G. Guse. Disinfectants Branch.
Unconditional registration of a new chemical: Resubmission with revised
labeling; Liquid to be used as formulated.
Document (111 KB PDF).

November 02, 1984. Review. 2 Page(s).
Richard Michell. Fungicide Herbicide Branch.
(Add uses) Wood Stain, Wood Preservatives - aids in the control of in-
can spoilage, and mold and mildew of applied coatings; Formulation of
Wood Preservatives.
Document (86 KB PDF).

August 24, 1987. Review. 4 Page(s).
Stinivas Gowda. Disinfectants Branch.
Amendment (to include an additional fungistatic activity against
Trichophyton mentagrophytes in collateral labelings) with efficacy data,
revised technical data sheets, product information sheets, and labels.
Document (121 KB PDF).

March 28, 1990. Review. 2 Page(s).
Emily Mitchell. Disinfectants Branch.
Additional labeling claims for the decontamination of ductwork surfaces.
Document (85 KB PDF).

June 04, 1997. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
John Doherty. Toxicology Branch I.
EPA ID No. 083118-010466. Tributyltin maleate; Review of a dermal
sensitization (Buehler) study in guinea pigs. Tox Review No. 012250.
Document (213 KB PDF).

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