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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Sulfotepp (Pc Code 079501)

March 15, 1960. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
Theodore Byers. Denver District, EPA.
INV 91-402 P. Lettuce, Analysis for Sulfotepp.

November 10, 1975. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
Norman Cook. Ecological Effects Branch.
RTF Review - Environmental Safety, Sulfotepp.

March 5, 1985. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
John Melone. Hazard Evaluation Division.
Attachment(s) following:

December 7, 1984. Letter. 2 Page(s).
Dean Hill. Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch.
Pesticide By-Product Concerns.

March 28, 1985. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Robert Zendzian. Toxicology Branch.
Sulfotepp Contamination of Diazinon.

January 27, 1988. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
Pamela Hurley. Toxicology Branch.
Response to Exposure Assessment Branch Request for
Determination of Need for a Human, Nondietary Exposure
Assessment for Sulfotepp Registration Standard.

June 24, 1998. Memorandum. 109 Page(s).
R. Griffin. Health Effects Division.
Sulfotepp (PC 079501). Preliminary Risk Assessment and
Recommendations for Additional Action.
Pages 39-109 removed (requests for these pages require
an Affimation of Non-Multinatioal Status form).

June 30, 1999. Risk Assessment. 38 Page(s).
Richard Griffin. Health Effects Division.
Human Health Risk Assessment, Sulfotepp.

June 30, 1999. Memorandum. 23 Page(s).
Robbi Farrell. SRRD.
Response to Public Comments on the Preliminary Risk
Assessment for the Organophosphate Sulfotepp.

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