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Index of Cleared Science Reviews
for Cryolite (Pc Code 075101)

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March 23, 1983. Memorandum. 21 Page(s).
William Woodrow. Toxicology Branch.
EPA#4581-116; Priority Review of Cryolite Toxicity Data (Registration
Standard). Accession No. 071392 Tox review 003775.
Tox review 002612.
Document (PDF) (2938 KB PDF).

August 15, 1984. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
William Woodrow. Toxicology Branch.
EPA Registration #4581-116. Acute Oral Toxicity and Delayed Contact
Dermal Sensitization Studies with Kryocide. CASW No. 264. Accession
No. 252071. Page 2, inert info. Tox.Review 001696.
Document (PDF) (573 KB PDF).

November 28, 1984. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
William Woodrow. Toxicology Branch.
EPA Registration #4581-116. Additional Information Concerning Three
Previously Submitted Mutagenicity Studies, and Final Rat Teratology
Evaluation of Cryolite. Tox review 004552.
Document (PDF) (1648 KB PDF).

March 11, 1987. Memorandum. 32 Page(s).
William Woodrow. Toxicology Branch.
PP# 6F3399. Kryocide Insecticide. EPA Registration No. 4581-116. Active
Ingredient - Sodium Fluoaluminate 96% [Fluorine Not Less Than 50%] -
Request for an Exemption From Tolerances for All Crops Listed in 40
CFR 180.145 Including the New Use on Potatoes.
Document (PDF) (3614 KB PDF).

November 25, 1987. Data Eval. Rec.. 6 Page(s).
Y.M. Ioannou. Toxicology Branch.
Metabolism (Absorbtion in Rats). Accession No. 071392.
Tox review 006479.
Document (PDF) (802 KB PDF).

December 21, 1987. Memorandum. 75 Page(s).
William Woodrow. Toxicology Branch.
Cryolite, Toxicology Chapter of the Registration Standard, Number
Document (PDF) (3289 KB PDF).

January 18, 1989. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
Marion Copley. Toxicology Branch I.
California Department of Food and Agriculture - EPA Toxicology Review
for Cryolite. Tox review 007744.
Document (PDF) (496 KB PDF).

May 24, 1990. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
William Greear. Toxicology Branch.
Cryolite (Kryocide, EPA Registration No. 4581-116)- Submission of 21-
Day Dermal Study in Response to the Registration Standard for Products
Containing Cryolite of April 1988. Tox review 007944.
Document (PDF) (510 KB PDF).

April 03, 1992. Memorandum. 24 Page(s).
Karl Baetcke. Toxicology Branch I.
Cryolite (sodium fluoaluminate) --- Tox Data Submitted under MRID
418384-01, -02, and -03. Tox review 009404. Pages 8-10, 15-20 not
included - registration data.
Document (PDF) (648 KB PDF).

August 18, 1992. Memorandum. 35 Page(s).
William Greear. Health Effects Division.
Cryolite - Submission of a NTP Bioassay on Sodium Fluoride in Rats and
Mice for Review with Respect to Satisying the Chronic
Toxicity/Carcinogenicity Data Required for Reregistration.
Tox. Chem. Nos. 264/769 Tox.Review 009682.
Document (PDF) (1795 KB PDF).

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