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Index of Cleared Science Reviews
for Capsicum (Pc Code 070701)

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October 16, 1985. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Linda Propost. Residue Chemistry Branch.
54649-EUP-R. EUP Application to Use Scare Crow Corn Chips
(Oleoresin Capsicum). RCB No. 1444. Page 3 is not included -
confidential statement of formula.
Document (PDF) (110 KB PDF).

November 21, 1985. Review. 1 Page(s).
Clint Skinner. Toxicology Branch.
File No. 54649-EUP-R. Capsicum Scare Crow Corn Chips. Inert
ingredient information is not included.
Document (PDF) (83 KB PDF).

January 29, 1986. Review. 6 Page(s).
Thomas Armitage. Ecological Effects Branch.
File No. 54649-EUP-R. Scare Crow Corn Chips. Proposed EUP for Use
on Sunflowers to Repel Redwing, Rusty, and Yellow-Headed Blackbirds,
Common Grackles, and Starlings.
Document (PDF) (227 KB PDF).

November 28, 1989. Memorandum. 25 Page(s).
Pamela Hurley. Toxicology Branch I.
61966R,E,G. Champon. Review of Request for Waiver on Requirement
for Either Tolerance or Exemption From Tolerance. Tox Review No.
007627. Accn. No. 252414 thru 16 Confidential Statement of Formula
removed from pages 10 & 25; Manufacturing Process info.
Document (PDF) (2444 KB PDF).

April 15, 1992. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
James Yowell. Occupational & Residential Exposure Bran.
Review of potential Occupational & Residential Exposure to Capsaicin
(pepper) for the Reregistration Eligibility Document (RED).
Document (PDF) (148 KB PDF)

June 22, 1993. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Sheryl Reilly. Toxicology Branch I.
Section 18: ID# 93AK0001. Public Health Exemption for the use of
Capsaicin (Oleoresin of Capsicum) to Repel Bears & Moose in Alaska.
Document (PDF) (164 KB PDF).

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