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Index of Cleared Science Reviews
for Pine oil (Pc Code 067002)

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March 09, 1981. Review. 5 Page(s).
James Wilson. Disinfectants Branch.
EPA File Symbol 777-AN. Lysol Brand Pine Action. New Product.
Document (PDF) (152 KB PDF).

May 10, 1983. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Raymond Landholt. Toxicology Branch.
Pine-Sol Cleaner Disinfectant. EPA #1730-LT. Tox No. 665, No. 331A, No.
392H, [*redacted*] and No. 613A. Inert ingredient information on pages 1-
2 is not included.
Document (PDF) (284 KB PDF).

December 03, 1987. Memorandum. 20 Page(s).
John Doherty. Toxicology Branch.
EPA ID No. 067002 - Pine Oil - Review of Gene Mutation Study in the
CHO/HGPRT Assay, Chromosomal Alteration Study in Mouse
Micronucleus Cytogenetic Assay and Unscheduled DNA Synthesis...
Pages 7-10, 18-19 removed, registration data. Tox review 006484.
Document (PDF) (782 KB PDF).

February 01, 1990. Review. 12 Page(s).
Emily H. Mitchell. Antimicrobial Program Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 777-TL Acc. 413009-06 to -08 & 413009-10 to -13 New
submission with efficacy data and proposed label. Pages 8-9 removed,
registration data.
Document (PDF) (402 KB PDF).

November 03, 1991. Review. 3 Page(s).
Srinivas Gowda. Antimicrobial Program Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 777-75 MRID 415230-01, 415230-02. Resubmission in
response to Agency letter dated 4/16/90 with additional data/information
and revised label...
Document (PDF) (197 KB PDF).

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