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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki, delta-endotoxin as produced in corn by an HD-1 gene, and its controlling sequences and found on plasmid vector, pZO1502 (Pc Code 006444)

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December 19, 1996. Memorandum. 27 Page(s).
Janet Andersen. Biopesticides & Pollution Prevention Div.
Consideration of Section 3(c)(7)(B) Conditional Registration for Monsanto Bt Corn
Plant-pesticide: Bacillus thuringiensis CryIA(b) Delta-Endotoxin and the Genetic
Material Necessary for Its Production in Corn (EPA File Symbol 524-UIO).
Document (PDF) (2138 KB PDF).

February 16, 1999. DER. 10 Page(s) .
Zig Vaituzis. Biopesticides & Pollution Prevention Div .
Study Type: Determination of potential effects of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab toxin
on developmental time and mortality of Chrysoperla carnea (green lacewing) larvae.
Reg./File: 65268-1. MRID: None.
Document (PDF) (394 KB PDF).

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