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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Pseudomonas fluorescens (Pc Code 006418)

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January 6, 1988. Memorandum. 3 Pages.
Robert Pilsucki. Ecological Effects Branch.
Protocol Review of Aquatic Testing of Microbial Pest
Control Agents.
Document (131 KB PDF).

February 18, 1988. Review. 53 Pages.
Product Manager 21. Ecological Effects Branch.
EPA File/Reg. No. 55638-L. Dagger. Fungicide.
Submission Purpose: Registration of This Biofungicide as an
In-Furrow Treatment for Damping-Off in Cotton.
Pages 31-32, 37-38 not included - registration data.
Inert ingredient information not included on pp. 18, 21, 23.
Document (2,637 KB PDF).

June 3, 1988. Memorandum. 2 Pages.
William Hazel. Residue Chemistry Branch.
Pseudomonas fluorescens (EG-1053). Ecogen, Inc. Product
Chemistry Data Clarification for Dagger G Biofungicide
(I.D. No. 55638-5; MRID No. 40510701; Record Nos. 217875
and 218198; RCB Nos. 3554 and 3612).
Document (191 KB PDF).

February 2, 1989. Review. 3 Pages.
L. Rossi. Ecological Effects Branch.
EPA File/Reg. No. 55638-5. Dagger G (P. fluorescens).
Submission Purpose: Review Tier II Nontarget Plant Data
to Support Conditions of Registration.
Document (124 KB PDF).

May 16, 1989. Memorandum. 2 Pages.
William Hazel. Science Analysis and Coordination Branch.
Pseudomonas fluorescens EG-1053. Dagger G Biofungicide.
Additional Data Submitted by Ecogen, Inc. as a Conditional
Registration Requirement (EPA Reg. No. 55638-5; Record No. 2
37309; MRID No. 40945801; Caswell No. 714G; HED Project No.
Document (122 KB PDF).

September 13, 1989. Memorandum. 1 Page.
Zig Vaituzis. Ecological Effects Branch.
Review of Freshwater Fish Toxicity and Pathogenicity Test
for Conditional Registration of Dagger G Biofungicide.
Document (68 KB PDF).

September 14, 1989. Review. 2 Pages.
S. Lewis. Ecological Effects Branch.
EPA File/Reg. No. 55638-5. Dagger G Biofungicide.
Submission Purpose: Submission of Daphnia Study to Support
Conditional Registration.
Document (105 KB PDF).

October 19, 1989. Memorandum. 1 Page.
Roy Sjoblad. Science Analysis & Coordination Branch.
Growth of Bacterial Fungicide Strain EG1053 (Pseudomonas
fluorescens) at 30 C and at 37 C (EPA ID No. 55638-5;
Record No. 250, 335; Accession No. 411994-01; HED Project
No. 9-2047; Caswell No. 714J).
Document (54 KB PDF).

September 1, 1992. Memorandum. 4 Pages.
Anne Lindsay. Registration Division.
Briefing Memorandum on Registration of New Biological
Pesticides: Pseudomonas fluorescens strain A506,
Pseudomonas fluorescens strain 1629RS, and Pseudomonas
syringae strain 742RS.
Document (306 KB PDF).

September 16, 1992. Note. 1 Page.
C. Grable. PM Team 21.
Note to the Files Re: Frostban Products:
Frostban A - Reg. No. 64004-1
Frostban B - Reg. No. 64004-2
Frostban C - Reg. No. 64004-3
Frostban D - Reg. No. 64004-4.
Document (22 KB PDF).

*** End Pseudomonas fluorescens (Pc Code 006418)

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