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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Acrolein (PC Code 000701)

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November 15, 1975. Review. 2 Page(s).
Jack Edmundson. Efficacy and Ecological Effects Branch.
File No. 10707-0. Magnacide Herbicide. Data.
Document (1,065 KB PDF).

July 13, 1976. Review. 1 Page(s).
Edwin Budd. Toxicology Branch.
Registration No. 201-118. Aqualin Herbicide; A. Slimicide;
A. Biocide.
Document (86 KB PDF).

April 9, 1977. Review. 4 Page(s).
William Greear. Toxicology Branch.
Registration Human Safety Review. EPA #10707-EUP-3.
Magnacide H. Tox Review 003360.
Pages 3-4 are not included - draft label.
Document (421 KB PDF).

December 6, 1978. Memorandum. 26 Page(s).
A.E. Conroy II. Office of Enforcement.
Transmittal of Initial Decision in the Matter of
Magna Corporation, et al, Respondents.
Document (1,265 KB PDF).

April 30, 1980. Memo to File. 13 Page(s).
James Stone. Registration Division.
Meeting on March 21, 1980 to Discuss Requirements for
Establishment of Potable Water Tolerance of Acrolein.
Document (574 KB PDF).

November 10, 1982. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Chad Sandusky. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Two Protocols for "Oncogenicity Test(s) in Rats
(and Mice) with Acrolein." Action #10707-9.
Document (147 KB PDF).

February 16, 1983. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Chad Sandusky. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Two Revised Protocols for "Chronic Toxicity and
Oncogenicity Test(s) in Rats (and Mice) with Acrolein."
Action #10707-9.
Document (80 KB PDF).

March 7, 1983. Review. 27 Page(s).
Emil Regelman. Environmental Fate Branch.
Reg. No. 10707-9. Magnacide H. Review Data to Support
Label Amendment.
Document (1,304 KB PDF).

March 11, 1983. Review. 5 Page(s).
Daniel Rieder. Ecological Effects Branch.
Reg. No. 10707-9. Magnacide H. Proposed Conditional
Registration of Labeling Revisions Concerning Storage and
Holding Time of Treated Irrigation Water.
Document (226 KB PDF).

August 16, 1983. Memorandum. 43 Page(s).
Chad Sandusky. Toxicology Branch.
Teratology 6(a)(2) Data on Acrolein, Registration Action
No. 10707-9. Tox review 003155.
Manufacturing process information on pages 3, 5, 24, and
43 is not included.
Document (6,794 KB PDF).

September 7, 1983. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Clinton Fletcher. Exposure Assessment Branch.
Reconsideration of Reg./File No. 10707-9. Acrolein.
EAB Review of March 7, 1983. 8/30/83 Meeting of EAB/HED,
HRB/RD, & Magna Corporation Representatives.
Document (175 KB PDF).

October 29, 1984. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Chad Sandusky. Toxicology Branch.
Report Amendment to Mouse Teratology Study on Acrolein;
#10707-9. Tox Review 004066.
Document (569 KB PDF).

May 30, 1989. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
James Akerman. Ecological Effects Branch.
Review of Comments on Waiver Request from Baker Performance
Chemicals Inc. on a Data Call-In for End-Use Products
Containing Acrolein (Magnacide S, Magnacide, and
Magnacide H).
Document (124 KB PDF).

August 31, 1989. Letter. 2 Page(s).
A.E. Conroy II. Office of Compliance Monitoring.
Re: Request for Waiver of Data Call-In Requirements.
Document (139 KB PDF).

July 26, 1994. DER. 11 Page(s).
Joanne Edwards. Ecological Effects Branch.
STUDY TYPE: 72-3. Marine Shrimp Acute Flow-Through
Toxicity Test. Species Tested: Mysid shrimp
Pages 6-11 removed, registrant data.
MRID 43164301.
Document (468 KB PDF).

September 12, 1994. DER. 8 Page(s).
James Goodyear. Ecological Effects Branch.
Estuarine Fish Acute Toxicity Test
Guideline Reg. No. 72-3(a)
Page 8 removed, registrant data.
MRID 432252-02.
Document (652 KB PDF).

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