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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Fosthiazate (PC Code 129022)

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April 22, 2003. Memorandum. 10 Pages.
Susan Makris. Toxicology Branch.
D293798 Fosthiazate (PC Code 129022) Revised Developmental Neurotoxicity
Study Protocol and Comparative Cholinesterase Study Protocol. TXR 0051647.
Document (PDF) (595 KB PDF).

May 09, 2006. DER. 22 Pages.
Judy Facey. Reregistration Branch 2.
FOSTHIAZATE Study Type: Non-guideline Comparative Cholinesterase Activity Study in
Rats Work Assignment No. 3-1-106 B (MRlD 46744902). DP BARCODE: D326791. TXR#: 0054097.
Document (PDF) (841 KB PDF).

May 30, 2006. Memorandum. 3 Pages.
David Anderson. Reregistration Branch 2.
Fosthiazate [PC 129022] Request for a waiver of a DNT study for registration
[MRID# 48784301). Decision# 366357, DP Barcode: 328202. TXR# 0053566.
Document (PDF) (79 KB PDF).

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