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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Chromated arsenicals (Pc Code 128977)

May 18, 1976. Review. 4 Pages.
Ronald Ney and Joe Boyd. Environmental Chemistry Section.
File No. 35896-A. Wood-Last Chromated Copper Arsenate Wood
Preservative CCA Type A. Wood Preservative.

December 21, 1983. Memorandum. 5 Pages.
Herman Gibb. Carcinogen Assessment Group.
Review of the Gilbert et al. Study of Wood Treaters in
Attachment(s) following:

September 16, 1983. Memorandum. 1 Page.
Charles Ris. Carcinogen Assessment Group.
1981 Hawaii Epidemiology Study Submitted to the Office of
Solid Waste by Reichhold and Vulcan Companies for Section
3001 Dioxin Docket.

September 16, 1983. Memorandum. 2 Pages.
David Bayliss. Carcinogen Assessment Group.
1981 Hawaii Epidemiology Study, July 1983 (Effects of
Chemical Preservatives on the Health of Wood Treating
Workers in Hawaii, 1981).

*End of attachments*

August 9, 1991. Memorandum. 6 Pages.
Jeff Evans. Occupational & Residential Exposure Br.
Postapplication/Reentry and Mixer/Loader/Applicator Data
Requirements to Support the Reregistration of Wood
Preservative Products Containing Arsenic, Chromium, and
Chromated Arsenical Compounds.

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