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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Lufenuron (Pc Code 118205)

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January 08, 2003. DER. 4 Page(s).
Kevin Sweeney. Insecticides Branch.
Product Performance Data Evaluation Review. Lufenuron Termite Bait. EPA File
Symbol: 100-EUP-RRE. DP: D287244. MRID: None.
Document (PDF) (134 KB PDF).

April 18, 2003. Memorandum. 7 Page(s).
Lucy Shanaman. Environmental Risk Branch.
New Chemical Screen for Lufenuron for Use as Termite Bait DP Barcode D289061.
Document (PDF) (337 KB PDF).

May 12, 2003. Memorandum. 23 Page(s).
William Greear. Registration Action Branch HED.
Lufenuron: New Chemical Screen of Submitted Toxicology Studies and Exposure
Potential DP Barcode: D289048, D289065.
Document (PDF) (906 KB PDF).

August 04, 2003. Letter. 1 Page.
Rachel Holloman. Registration Support Branch.
Reduced Risk Decision for Lufenuron Termite Bait Use.
Document (PDF) (21 KB PDF).

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