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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Amicarbazone (Pc Code 114004)

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August 22, 1996. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Timothy McMahon. Toxicology Branch.
MKH 3586: Review of a protocol for a metabolism study.
DP Barcode: D228486.
Document (135 KB PDF).

October 15, 1996. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Maria Isabel Rodriguez. Chemistry Branch.
ID#286039: Comments on Minutes from July 17, 1996 Confrence with
Bayer Corporation on MKH 3586. DP Barcode #D229528; No MRID #.
Document (322 KB PDF).

October 08, 1997. Memorandum. 20 Page(s).
Alan Levy. Registration Action Branch HED.
MKH 3586 - Protocol for an 18-Month Mouse Carcinogenicity Study
(Study No. 95-271-EU) DP Barcode: D232694 Pages 2-19 removed,
registrant data.
Document (74 KB PDF).

April 19, 2005. Memorandum. 14 Page(s).
Douglas Dotson. Registration Action Branch HED.
Amicarbazone Acute and Chronic Dietary Exposure Assessments for
the Section 3 Registration Action. DP Barcode: D313745 PP# 0F6131.
Document (665 KB PDF).

June 06, 2005. Memorandum. 308 Pages.
Manying Xue. Registration Action Branch 3.
Amicarbazone (MKH 3586). Petition for the Establishment of Permanent
Tolerances for Use on Field Corn and Imported Sugarcane..
PP#OF6131. DP Nos. D288216, D309766. MRID Nos. 45121630-
45121633, 45121702-45121711, and 45121713; 46145301-46145310.
Document (14863 KB PDF).

June 20, 2005. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
Shih-Chi Wang. Registration Action Branch HED.
Occupational and Residential Exposure/Risk Assessment for the Uses
of Amicarbazone on Field Corn (including Corn Grown for Silage).
DP Barcode: D313746.
Document (373 KB PDF).

August 10, 2005. Memorandum. 86 Page(s).
Kimberly Kosick. Registration Action Branch HED.
Amicarbizone: HED Human Health Risk Assessment for New Food Use.
Herbicide on Field Corn. PC Code 114004, Petition #: 0F6131,
DP Barcode: D288216.
Document (4690 KB PDF).

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