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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Promexal X50 (Pc Code 107107)

July 19, 1995. Memorandum. 181 Page(s).
Alberto Protzel. Toxicology Branch II.
PROMEXAL X50 Preservative. Registration Non-Food/Feed Use.
PC Code 107107.MRID NO.432250-02 and 431387-14 through
431387-14. Pages 18-19,40-41,56-58,66-67,69-70,88-90,107-110
122-123,159 removed,Registration Data. Impurity Info not
included on pages 73 and 93. Tox.Review No.011613.

June 4, 1996. Memorandum. 13 Page(s).
Alberto Protzel. Toxicology Branch II.
Promexal X50 Preservative. Review of dermal sensitization
MRID 43446801. Pages 11-13 removed, registration data.
Tox review 011947.

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