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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Fenitrothion (Pc Code 105901)

May 2, 1978. Report of Call. 2 Page(s).
Reto Engler. Toxicology Branch.
Spraying of Spruce Budworm.

April 30, 1982. Memorandum. 11 Page(s).
William Schneider. Toxicology Branch.
Association of Aerial Pesticide Spraying with Reye Syndrome.

April 25, 1994. Memorandum. 39 Page(s).
Anne Barton. Environmental Fate and Effects Division.
LOC Exceedance Memorandum Under the New Paradigm for

October 8, 1997. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Jess Rowland. Science Analysis Branch, HED.
Fenitrothion - FQPA Requirement - Report of the Hazard
Identification Assessment Review Committee.

February 23, 1998. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
Jess Rowland. Health Effects Division.
Fenitrothion - Correction to the Report of the Hazard
Identification Assessment Review Committee dated
October 8, 1997.
Tox review 012499.

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