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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Terrazole (Pc Code 084701)

November 12, 1981. Memorandum. 6 Pages.
Roger Gardner. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Data Submitted in Accordance with the Registration
Standard for Teerazole EPA Registration No. 1258-812.
Caswell No. 428
Accession No. 244688, 245423.

September 7, 1984. Memorandum. 20 Pages.
Roger Gardner. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Data on technical grade Terrazole. EPA
Reg. No. 1258-812. Tox. Chem. 428.
Acute inhalation; Rats; 81-3. Two sisters chromatid exchange
assays; 83-3A. Chromasomal exchange assay; 84-2.
Tox review 003952.

August 15, 1990. DER. 16 Pages.
John Whalan. Toxicology Branch.
Oncogenicity Study in Rats
Terrazole Technical
MRID 407479-01
Tox review 008514 excerpt.

January 9, 1991. Memorandum. 17 Pages.
Kerry Dearfield. Science Analysis and Coordination Branch.
Peer Review of Terrazole.

May 5, 1993. Memorandum. 9 Pages.
Reger Gardner. Toxicology Branch I.
Terrazole: Review of Mutagenicity Study.
MRID 418375-01
Tox review 010226.

July 21, 2000. Memorandum. 5 Pages.
Gary Bangs. Reregistration Branch, HED.
EPA Review of "Assessment of Worker Exposure and Potential
Risk for Ornamental and Turf Uses of Etradiazole,"
MRID 436660-01.

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