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Index of Cleared Science Reviews
for Chlorophacinone (Pc Code 067707)

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January 23, 1978. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
William Dykstra. Toxicology Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 7173-113. Review of Chlorophacinone. ROZOL Tracking Powder.
Document (PDF) (432 KB PDF).

April 26, 1979. Study. 10 Page(s).
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center..
Secondary Poisoning of Owls by Anticoagulant Rodenticides.
Document (PDF) (359 KB PDF).

October 18, 1979. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
John Doherty. Toxicology Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 7173-113. Chlorophacinone. Summary of Data Bank Used to
Support Labeling of Currently Registered Products.
Document (PDF) (117 KB PDF).

March 01, 1980. Report. 20 Page(s).
Raymond Matheny. Ecological Effects Branch.
Federally Registered Pesticides for Vertebrate Pest Control.
Document (PDF) (827 KB PDF).

October 29, 1981. Data Eval. Rec. 5 Page(s).
Russel Farringer. Ecological Effects Branch.
Secondary Poisoning. Test Species: Great-Horned, Saw-Whet and Barn Owls.
Acc# 245704.
Document (PDF) (235 KB PDF).

September 13, 1992. Memorandum. 5 Page(s).
Lucy Markarian. Registration Support Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 7173-113. Review of chlorophacinone.
Document (PDF) (167 KB PDF).

January 01, 1997. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Virginia Dobozy. Toxicology Branch II.
Review of Incident Reports in Domestic Animals with the Anticoagulant
Rodenticides Brodifacoum, Chlorophacinone and Diphacinone.
Document (PDF) (450 KB PDF).

April 18, 2001. Review. 16 Pages.
William Erickson. Environmental Risk Branch III.
Chlorophacinone (067707): secondary hazard studies. MRID Nos. 44631401, 44631402.
Document (PDF) (1059 KB PDF).

August 02, 2002. Waiver Request Respo. 2 Pages.
William Erickson. Environmental Risk Branch III.
Chlorophacinone (067707): LiphaTech request for waiver of secondary toxicity study;
D283438. MRID Nos. 446314-01, 446314-02, and 407514-02. MRID Nos 439222-01
and 439222-02.
Document (PDF) (244 KB PDF).

November 10, 2008. Memorandum. 68 Pages.
Ron Dean & Jonathan Angier. Environmental Risk Branch II.
Ecological Risk Assessment Evaluating Expanded Uses for Rozol Black Tailed
Prairie Dog Bait (Chlorophacinone 0.005%). DP Barcode: 350010.
Document (PDF) (1199 KB PDF).

March 18, 2009. Efficacy Review. 27 Pages.
John Hebert. Registration Division.
PRODUCT No.: 7173-EIA. APPLICANT : Liphatech , Inc. DP Barcode: 350015.
PURPOSE: Product registration: new use under 3 of FIFRA.
MRID Nos.: 473336-01, 473336-02, and 473336-03.
Document (PDF) (1302 KB PDF).

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