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Index of Cleared Science Reviews
for Ethion (Pc Code 058401)

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August 08, 1989. Analysis. 25 Page(s).
J. Robert Tomerlin. Science Analysis & Coordination Branch.
Dietary Exposure Analysis for the Second Round Review of Ethion Using
Anticipated Residues.
Document (PDF) (1498 KB PDF).

January 26, 1994. Memorandum. 9 Page(s).
George Ghali. Health Effects Division.
RfD/Peer Review Report of Ethion.
Document (PDF) (832 KB PDF).

September 09, 1994. Memorandum. 33 Page(s).
Renee Lamb. Environmental Fate and Effects Division.
Transmittal of EFED List A Summary report for Ethion (Chemical #58401)
Case # 0090 Attached 1. EFGWB Science Chapter, 2. EEB Science
Chapter, 3. SACS Registration Summary Report.
Document (PDF) (2159 KB PDF).

September 09, 1994. Memorandum. 7 Page(s).
Renee Lamb. Environmental Fate and Effects Division.
EFED Recommendations and Mitigation Measures for Ethion. (Chemical #
58401) Case # 0090.
Document (PDF) (459 KB PDF).

March 13, 1995. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Laura Morris. Occupational & Residential Exposure Br.
Ethion Risk Mitigations: Addendum to the Ethion Reregistration Eligibility
Document (PDF) (140 KB PDF).

June 29, 1995. Memorandum. 14 Page(s).
Bonnie Crop-Kohlligian. Chemistry Branch.
Ethion Anticipated Residues in Citrus Juices for DRES Analysis.
Document (PDF) (883 KB PDF).

July 14, 1995. Memorandum. 8 Page(s).
Jennifer Wintersteen. Science Analysis Branch.
Ethion RED: Acute Dietary Exposure Analysis.
Document (PDF) (457 KB PDF).

September 29, 1995. Memorandum. 26 Page(s).
Jane Smith. Health Effects Division.
ETHION: REVISED HED Chapter of the Reregistration Eligibility Decision
Document (RED), Case #0090 (HED Chapter is old and is currently
undergoing revision).
Document (PDF) (1837 KB PDF).

January 17, 1996. Memorandum. 5 Page(s).
George Ghali. Health Effects Division.
THIRD RfD/Peer Review Report of Ethion...
Document (PDF) (389 KB PDF).

September 18, 1997. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Jess Rowland. Science Analysis Branch HED.
ETHION FQPA Requirement Report of the Hazard Identification
Assessment Review Committee. Tox review 012316.
Document (PDF) (249 KB PDF).

November 17, 1997. Memorandum. 9 Page(s).
Sid Abel. Environmental Fate & Effects Division.
Ethion- RED Team Review and Concurrence. This memo contains EFED
comments on the august 22, 1997 RED Team Review and Concurrence
Copy of the Ethion RED.
Document (PDF) (597 KB PDF).

February 25, 1998. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Elizabeth Doyle. Chemical and Exposure Branch I.
Review of "Chronic and Acute Dietary Exposure Analyses and Risk
Assessmentfor Ethion Residues in Foods" (Novigen Report Ethion 97-
01) submitted in support of the reregistration of Ethion.
Document (PDF) (96 KB PDF).

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