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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Chlordane (Pc Code 058201)

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June 20, 1968. Memorandum. 14 Page(s).
Mary Quaife. Petitions Review Branch.
Chlordane: Toxicological Evaluation of New Rat Reproduction and
Chronic Dog Feeding Studies in Connection with Assessing Safety of
Present Tolerances on Chlordane. Tox review 004830.
Document (PDF) (3349 KB PDF).

March 31, 1972. Memorandum. 16 Page(s).
Mary Quaife. Toxicology Branch.
Chlordane... Request for Tolerances... Inert ingredient information on
pages 2, 3 not included. Tox review 004829.
Document (PDF) (3935 KB PDF).

July 19, 1977. Memorandum. 11 Page(s).
Roland Gessert. Toxicology Branch.
File Symbol 5535-RNU; Gro-Well Chlordane Termite Control. Acute oral..
3-Generation repro... chronic tox Impurity information on page 1 not
included. Pages 9-11 removed, draft label. Tox review 004832.
Document (PDF) (1986 KB PDF).

August 30, 1981. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Alex Arce. Toxicology Branch.
Chlordane and Heptachlor Review of Mutagenicity Studies
Tox review 000935.
Document (PDF) (693 KB PDF).

October 13, 1981. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
B. T. Backus. Insecticide Rodenticide Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 876-63. Gold Crest C-100. Caswell #174. Eye irritation
study. Acc. 245943. Tox review 001041.
Document (PDF) (207 KB PDF).

August 01, 1982. Report. 82 Page(s).
Committee on Toxicology. National Research Council.
An Assessment of the Health Risks of Seven Pesticides Used for Termite
Control. Tox Review 004831.
Document (PDF) (5050 KB PDF).

August 04, 1982. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
B. T. Backus. Insecticide Rodenticide Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 876-76. Chlordane 4 EC. Caswell #174.
Tox Review 002144.
Document (PDF) (308 KB PDF).

October 08, 1982. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
Preliminary Report of Chlordane Chronic Feeding Study in Rats and
Mice. Tox Review 002217.
Document (PDF) (210 KB PDF).

February 27, 1984. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
EPA Reg. #876-273. Possible 6(a)(2) Data on Chlordane. Preliminary
Information on 30-Month Study in Rats. Accession No. 252267.
Caswell No. 174. Tox Review 003659.
Document (PDF) (98 KB PDF).

April 23, 1985. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
Chlordane Addendum to Pathology Reports for Chronic Toxicity Studies
of Chlordane in Mice and Rats Performed by the Research Institute for
Animal Science in Biochemistry and Toxicology.
Document (PDF) (128 KB PDF).

August 28, 1985. Memorandum. 43 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
6 (a)(2) Data on Chlordane. Chronic Mouse and Rat Studies for
Oncogenicity Testing. Accession Nos. 252267, 254665 and 251815.
Pages 35-43 are not included - registration data.
Document (PDF) (1228 KB PDF).

October 22, 1985. Report. 11 Page(s).
Toxicology Branch.
Toxicology Branch/HED Form for Updating ADIs. Tox Review 004839.
Document (PDF) (1294 KB PDF).

December 16, 1985. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Irving Mauer. Toxicology Branch.
Chlordane/Heptachlor Mutagenicity.
Document (PDF) (297 KB PDF).

April 08, 1986. Data Eval. Rec. 17 Page(s).
Cecil Felkner. Dynamac Corporation.
Oxychlordane Subchronic Oral Toxicity in Rats Accession No. 257803.
Document (PDF) (844 KB PDF).

April 16, 1986. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Subchronic Feeding Study of Oxychlordane in Rats.
Tox Review 005037.
Document (PDF) (78 KB PDF).

June 10, 1986. Memorandum. 8 Page(s).
Matthew Lorber. Exposure Assessment Branch.
EAB Recommendation for Retrospective Studies Concerning Surface
Water Contamination as a Result of Termiticide Use of Chlorinated
Document (PDF) (523 KB PDF).

July 09, 1986. Review. 5 Page(s).
Joseph Reinert. Exposure Assessment Branch.
Gold Crest Termide Air Monitoring Study - Interim Report.
Document (PDF) (204 KB PDF).

October 28, 1986. Memorandum. 9 Page(s).
Michael Firestone. Science Integration Staff.
Chlordane Registration Standard Cover Memo.
Document (PDF) (466 KB PDF).

November 06, 1986. Science Chapter. 20 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
Transmittal of Chlordane Standard. Tox review 006811.
Document (PDF) (1196 KB PDF).

January 29, 1987. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
Michael Metzger. Residue Chemistry Branch.
Fish Action Levels Reevaluations for Six Chlorinated Pesticides:
Summary of Residue Data Received from EPA Regional Offices.
Document (PDF) (496 KB PDF).

March 25, 1987. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
Michael Metzger. Residue Chemistry Branch.
Fish Action Level Reevaluation for Aldrin/Dieldrin, Chlordane, DDT,
Heptachlor and Mirex. RCB Nos. 2058, 2062, 2063, 2064, 2065 and
Document (PDF) (306 KB PDF).

September 28, 1987. Memorandum. 16 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
Transmittal of 90-Day Chlordane Inhalation Study Conducted in Rats and
Monkeys (Accession No. 254322), Tox Review 006331.
Document (PDF) (709 KB PDF).

October 15, 1987. Memorandum. 82 Page(s).
Michael Metzger. Residue Chemistry Branch.
Evaluation of Fish Residue Data for Chlordane, Mirex, DDT, Heptachlor
and Aldrin/Dieldrin. RCB Nos. 2430-2453, 2381- 2384, 2379, 2848.
Appendix I: Source of Data Used in Statistical Calculations Appendix II:
Tabular Summary of Statistical Calculations.
Document (PDF) (3579 KB PDF).

March 14, 1988. Memorandum. 12 Page(s).
Henry Spencer. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Pathology Working Group Slide Reevaluation of Livers of Rats
in a 30-Month Oral Exposure to Chlordane - Accession No. 404337-01
(3 Volumes).
Document (PDF) (621 KB PDF).

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