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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for 2,6-Diisopropyl-napthalene (Pc Code 055803)

January 7, 1999. Memorandum. 49 Pages.
Sheryl Reilly. Biochemical Pesticides Branch.
An Experimental Use Permit (EPA File Symbol 34704-EUP-RG)
and Temporary Tolerance Petition (PP 8G05008) for a new
product, Amplify Sprout Inhibitor, containing the new active
ingredient, 2,6-Diisoprpyl-napthalene (Chemical No. 055803),
to be applied post-harvest to potatoes (cont.).
Attachment(s) following:

January 7, 1999. Memorandum.
Sheryl Reilly. Biochemical Pesticides Branch.
to inhibit sprouting during storage. Review of mammalian
toxicology (MRID Nos. 446141-04 to -12) and requests
for waivers of additional mammalian toxicology and
ecological effects studies (DP Barcode D249750).

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April 14, 1999. Memorandum. 8 Pages.
Russel Jones. Biochemical Pesticides Branch.
Experimental Use Permit for 2,6-Diisopropylnapthalene
(2,6-DIPN; EPA Symbol No. 034-EUP-RG) a TGAI containing 100%
2,6-DIPN (Chemical No. 055803) as its active ingredient.
Request for waivers from the data requirements for
ecotoxicity/ non-target organism studies... No MRID numbers.

August 3, 2000. Memorandum. 24 Pages.
Russel Jones. Biochemical Pesticides Branch.
Renewal Request for an Experimental Use Permit for Amplify
Sprout Inhibitor (EPA File Symbol No. 034704-EUP-13)
containing 99.7% 2,6-Diisopropyl-napthalene [2,6-DIPN;
(Chemical No. 055803)] as its active ingredient and a
petition to extend the temporary exemption.
Attachment(s) following:

August 3, 2000. Memorandum.
Russel Jones. Biochemical Pesticides Branch.
(continued) from the requirement of a tolerance on stored
potatoes (PP# 8G05008). Review of toxicity, metabolism,
and residue chemistry studies... MRIDs 45163201 and -02.

*End of attachments*

October 11, 2000. Memorandum. 32 Pages.
Roger Gardner. Biochemical Pesticides Branch.
2,6-DPN [ 2,6-DIPN ] (PC 055803): Secondary review of Data
Evaluation Reports on subchronic feeding and developmental
toxicity studies (D266897) submitted in support of an
Experimental Use Permit (034704-EUP-013).
MRID 45049301, 45000101.

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