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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Morestan (Pc Code 054101)

December 11, 1967. Letter. 19 Page(s).
Paul Baron. Registration Section.
Morestan, Reg. No. 3125-RI
Tox review 001804.

February 24, 1970. Memorandum. 17 Page(s).
Mary Quaife. Petitions Review Branch.
Morestan, 6-methyl-2,3-quinoxalinedithiol cyclic S,S-
dithiocarbonate, or Bayer 36205; Tolerances Requested
and Evaluation of their Safety
PP# 9F0818
Tox review 001805.

December 7, 1979. Memorandum. 12 Page(s).
William Dykstra. Toxicology Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 3125-117; 3125-302; Morestan; PP #0F2280;
Morestan in or on Apricots and Cherries at 0.02 ppm.
Accession Nos. 099043, -44, -42.
Inert and manufacturing process info on 2, 3 not included.
Tox review 001806.

February 11, 1982. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
William Dykstra. Toxicology Branch.
PP #0F2280; Morestan in/on Apricots. Accession No. 070595
Tox review 001452.

June 2, 1982. Review. 1 Page(s).
John Strange. Dynamac Corporation.
IBT Validation Report. IBT No. P 8913. Mutagenic Study
with Morestan Technical in Albino Mice (Dominant Lethal).
December 1, 1970
Tox review 002988.

July 19, 1982. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Gary Burin. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Morestan IBT Study No. J-8908. Spermatogenesis
Study in the Beagle Dog.
Tox review 002122.

November 4, 1986. Memorandum. 8 Page(s).
David Van Ormer. Toxicology Branch.
TB Project No. 2283. EPA ID No. 3125-205 - Morestan.
Review of Draft Report on Teratogenicity.
Tox review 005569.

May 3, 1995. Memorandum. 108 Page(s).
Esther Rinde. Health Effects Division.
Carcinogenicity Peer Review Meeting on Oxythioquinox
Attachment(s) following:

May 3, 1995. Memorandum. Page(s).
Lori Brunsman. Science Analysis Branch.
Morestan Qualitative Risk Assessment Based on Fischer 344
Rat and Bor:NMRI (SPF) Mouse Dietary Studies.

September 15, 1994. Memorandum. Page(s).
William Dykstra. Toxicology Branch I.
Morestan; Oxythioquinox; 2-Year Chronic
Toxicity/Carcinogenicity Study in Fischer 344 Rats;
Submitted 6(a)(2) Data
MRID 42948601
see page 50, Tox review 011216.

September 3, 1991. Memorandum. Page(s).
William Dykstra. Toxicology Branch I.
Morestan; 91-Week Carcinogenicity Study
in Mice
Guideline 83-2
MRID No.: 407284-01
see page 92, Tox review 008540.

February 15, 1996. Memorandum. 22 Page(s).
William Dykstra. Toxicology Branch I.
Carcinogenicity Peer Review of Morestan (Oxythioquinox).

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