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Index of Cleared Science Reviewsb for Dodine (Pc Code 044301)

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June 25, 1959. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Jane McCaulley. Division of Pharmacology.
Request for a Tolerance for Dodine (Dodecylguanidine Acetate) on Apples, Pears,
and Sour Cherries. Pesticide Petition No. 211. Tox Review No. 001841.
Document (PDF) (317 KB PDF).

July 06, 1967. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
M. L. Quaife. Petitions Review Branch.
Dodine, Tolerance at 5 ppm in or on Peaches. Pesticide Petition No. 7F0577.
Tox Review No. 001842.
Document (PDF) (174 KB PDF).

April 17, 1968. Letter. 11 Page(s).
Robert Coberly. Registration Section.
Reg. Nos. 241-ER, 241-51. Referral Data - 3/22/68. Tox Review No. 001843.
Document (PDF) (441 KB PDF).

April 15, 1978. Memorandum. 2 Pages.
Larry Turner. Ecological Effects Branch.
Avian acute oral LD50 Bobwhite quail. Acc # 130888.
Document (PDF) (344 KB PDF).

January 22, 2008. Memorandum. 84 Pages.
Christopher J. Salice. Environmental Risk Branch IV.
Ecological Risk Assessment for the Dodine Section 3 New Use on Peanuts and
Bananas. DP Barcode: D338148.
Document (PDF) (1023 KB PDF).

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