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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for 2-Ethyl-1,3-hexanediol (Pc Code 041001)

February 10, 1975. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Robert Jaeger. Toxicology Branch.
New Registration for Off! Spray Insect Repellent and
Formula II Insect Repellent.
Inert ingredient information on page 1 is not included.

June 29, 1976. Review. 1 Page(s).
Norman Cook. Environmental Safety Section.
Ethyl Hexanediol.

November 10, 1980. Data Eval. Rec. 3 Page(s).
H. Craven. Ecological Effects Branch.
Registration Standard for 6-12.

August 6, 1990. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Alan Levy. Toxicology Branch.
2-Ethyl-1, 3-Hexanediol (EHD) - Preliminary Results of a
Dermal Rat Developmental Toxicity Study - Adverse Effects.

August 9, 1991. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Elizabeth Doyle & C. Lunchick. Toxicology & ORE Branches.
2-Ethyl-1,3-Hexanediol: Risk Assessment for Use of BF-100
Black Fly Repellent Solution (Caswell No. 445).

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