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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Diphenylamine (Pc Code 038501)

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October 12, 1967. Summary. 8 Page(s).
Robert Coberly. Toxicology Branch.
Document (PDF) (209 KB PDF).

April 27, 1981. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Deloris Graham. Fungicide Herbicide Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 4581-308. Deccoscald-EC 282 (DPA).
Page 4 not included - draft label.
Document (PDF) (167 KB PDF).

June 01, 1985. Draft Report. 9 Page(s).
Environmental Criteria Assessment Office.
Health and Environmental Effects Profile for N,N-Diphenylamine
(risk assessment excerpt only).
Document (PDF) (351 KB PDF).

September 24, 1985. Report. 9 Page(s).
David Hohreiter. Syracuse Research Corporation.
Diphenylamine - Review and Evaluation of ADI.
Document (PDF) (266 KB PDF).

February 27, 1986. Review. 16 Page(s).
Cecil Felkner. Dynamac Corporation.
Overview - Diphenylamine Toxicity.
Document (PDF) (721 KB PDF).

July 17, 1986. Profile. 3 Page(s).
Reto Engler. Toxicology Branch.
Reference Doses (RFDs) for Oral Exposure - Diphenylamine.
Document (PDF) (80 KB PDF).

August 12, 1986. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Stephen Dapson. Toxicology Branch.
Fulfillment of the Rabbit Teratology Requirement. Caswell #398;
Tox Branch Project #1303.
Document (PDF) (81 KB PDF).

February 28, 1990. Note. 2 Page(s).
Steve Dapson and Curt Lunchick. Toxicology Branch.
Proposed HED DCI for Diphenylamine.
Document (PDF) (110 KB PDF).

May 22, 1997. DER. 5 Pages.
Mark Mossler. KBN Engineering & Applied Sciences Inc.
71-2 - WATERFOWL DIETARY LC50 TEST. Diphenylamine: A Dietary LC50
Study with the Mallard. MRID No. 438791-01. DP Barcode: D222425.
Document (PDF) (576 KB PDF).

May 27, 1997. DER. 5 Pages.
Mark Mossler. KBN Engineering & Applied Sciences Inc.
71-1 - AVIAN SINGLE-DOSE LD50 TEST. Diphenylamine: An Acute Oral
Toxicity Study with the Northern Bobwhite. MRID No. 438789-01.
DP Barcode: D222425.
Document (PDF) (568 KB PDF).

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