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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Zinophos (Pc Code 032401)

December 9, 1964. Letter. 8 Page(s).
(American Cyanamid Company).
Zinophos 10-G Nematocide and Soil Insecticide (Reg. No. 
241-79); Zinophos 4-E Soil Insecticide (Reg. No. 241-85). 
Inert ingredient information on page 1 is not included. 
Pages 2-7 are not included - draft label.

August 28, 1968. Summary. 9 Page(s).
R.D. Coberly. Toxicology Branch.
0,0-Diethyl, 0-2-pyrazinyl phosphorothioate. 
(Zinophos Toxicity Profile). 
Inert ingredient information on page 4 is not included 
Tox review 001812.

September 16, 1983. Fact Sheet. 6 Page(s).
Robert Doyle. Bureau of Foods, FDA.
Thionazin (Trade Name: Zinophos) Insecticide/Nematocide.

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