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Index of Cleared Science Reviews Chloroneb (Pc Code 027301)

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January 14, 1976. Analysis Report. 1 Page.
Animal Biology Laboratory.
EPA Reg. No. 5905-115. Helena Brand Diosen
Chloroneb-Disulfoton. Rainbow Trout LC 50.
Document (60 KB PDF).

June 16, 1981. Data Eval. Rec. 12 Pages.
Mary Quaife. Toxicology Branch.
Chloroneb. Two-Year Dietary Feeding - Dogs.
Fungicide 1823. MRID #00001421.
Document (472 KB PDF).

February 9, 1982. Review. 6 Pages.
Dr. Willa Garner. Environmental Fate Branch.
Soil Mobility Study & Waiver Request for Remaining EC Data
Gaps Listed in Registration Standard.
Document (253 KB PDF).

April 5, 1982. Memorandum. 8 Pages.
Carlos Rodriguez. Toxicology Branch.
Registration Standard and Data Waiver; Chloroneb Fungicide,
EPA Reg. No. 352-312, -344, -386. Caswell No. 198.
Tox Review 001659.
Document (426 KB PDF).

October 12, 1984. Memorandum. 16 Pages.
Stephen Saunders. Toxicology Branch.
Review of Chloroneb Rat Teratology and Reproduction Studies.
Caswell #198.
Document (722 KB PDF).

May 8, 1985. Review. 8 Pages.
John Jordan. Exposure Assessment Branch.
Reg. No. 41014-7. Data in Response to RS.
Document (284 KB PDF).

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