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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Copper triethanolamine (Pc Code 024403)

February 13, 1992. Memorandum. 22 Pages.
Walter J. Kozumbo. Toxicology Branch II.
Triethanolamine complex of copper (K-TEA Technical): Review
of 4 toxicity studies submitted by the registrant on the
acute oral toxicity (81-1), acute dermal toxicity (81-2),
the primary eye irritation (81-4) and the primary dermal
irritation (81-5) of K-TEA Technical. (CONT.).
Attachment(s) following:

February 13, 1992. Memorandum.
Walter J. Kozumbo. Toxicology Branch II.
(CONT.) Pages 6, 13-17, and 21-22 removed, registration data
Tox review 009157.

*End of attachments*

July 25, 1997. Memorandum. 47 Pages.
Sanjivani Diwan. Toxicology Branch II.
Copper Triethanolamine Complex (K-Tea) and Copper
Ethylenediamine Complex (Komeen): Review of Toxicity Studies
and Request for a waiver from Conducting Additional Testing.

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