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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Sodium bromide (Pc Code 013907)

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March 06, 1987. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Judith Hauswirth. Toxicology Branch.
Sodium Bromide - Company Response to Meeting of 1/14/87. Great Lakes Chemical
Corporation. Record No. 189106/189107. Exemption from certain toxicology
requirements... Tox Review 005767.
Document (PDF) (300 KB PDF).

November 03, 1988. Memorandum. 13 Page(s).
Irving Mauer. Toxicology Branch.
Sodium Bromide - Toxicology Data Submitted Under Accession Nos. 406708-08, -09,
-10. EPA ID No. 8622-UL. Tox Review 006913.
Document (PDF) (899 KB PDF).

August 16, 1989. Memorandum. 10 Page(s).
Irving Mauer. Toxicology Branch.
Sodium Bromide - Acute Dermal Sensitization - Data Submitted Under
MRID No. 41019601. EPA ID No. 8622-UL. Pages 7-10 removed, registrant data.
Tox review 007441.
Document (PDF) (375 KB PDF).

June 30, 2005. Memorandum. 20 Page(s).
Srinivas Gowda. Risk Assessment & Science Support Branch.
Ecological Hazard and Environmental Risk Assessment of Bromine and Sodium
Bromide for the Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) Document.
DP Barcode: 315376.
Document (PDF) (1452 KB PDF).

December 07, 2005. Memorandum. 15 Page(s).
Tim Leighton. Antimicrobials Division.
Sodium Bromide: Residential and Dietary Antimicrobial Uses (Pools, Spas, Sugar
Beets, and Fruit & Vegetable Wash). DP Barcode 321793.{HQ-OPP-2006-0143-0003}.
Document (PDF) (1395 KB PDF).

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