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for Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1A.105 protein and genetic material necessary (vector PV-ZMIR245) for its production in corn (PC Code 006514)

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November 06, 2007. Memorandum. 27 Pages.
Sharlene R. Matten. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Technical Review of Monsanto Company's Submissions (dated September 22, 2006
and March 9, 2007) Regarding lnsect Resistance Management for MON 89034 Corn
(EPA registration 524-LTL). DP Barcode: 335208. Decision: 371189.
MRID#: 469514-30; MRID 470794-02.
Document (PDF) (1808 KB PDF).

November 29, 2007. Memorandum. 35 Pages.
Susanne Cerrelli. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Review of the proposed insect resistance management plan submitted by Monsanto
for MON 89034 X MON 88017 Bt corn. EPA Reg. No. 524-LTA. DP Barcode: D335189.
Decision: 339469. MRID#: 469513-04, 469513-06, 470794-02, 470794-03.
Document (PDF) (1183 KB PDF).

December 14, 2007. Memorandum. 9 Pages.
Mika J. Hunter. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Review of "Evaluation of Potential Interactions between the Bacillus thuringiensis
Proteins Cry1A.105, Cry2Ab2, and Cry3Bb1" for Monsanto's MON 89034 X MON 88017 Maize.
MRID 469513-05 & 469513-06. DP# 335188.
Document (PDF) (347 KB PDF).

February 29, 2008. Memorandum. 25 Pages.
Jeannine Kausch. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Review of the Public Interest Document in Support of the Section 3(c)(7)(C)
Registrations of Monsanto Company's Insect-protected Bacillus thuringiensis Corn Products,
MON 89034 [Reg. No. 524LTL; Decision Number 371189; S819890; DP Barcode 346850;
Document (PDF) (1444 KB PDF).
Attachment(s) Following:

February 29, 2008. Memorandum.
Jeannine Kausch. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
(Continued) MRID# 472797-01] and MON 89034 x MON 88017
[Reg. No. 524-LTA; Decision Number 371190; MRID# 472797-01].

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May 29, 2008. Memorandum. 31 Pages.
Zigfridas Vaituzis. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Environmental Risk Assessment for Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) CrylA.1015 and
Cry2Ab2 insect control proteins as expressed in MON89034 corn and its associated
breeding stack, MON89034 x MON88017 corn...MRID No. 46951306.
Document (PDF) (2319 KB PDF).

November 12, 2008. Memorandum. 14 Pages.
Jeannine Kausch. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Review of an amendment request to reduce the refuge required for MON 89034 corn in
the Corn Belt. EPA Reg No. 524-575 and 524-576. MRID#: 474748-01. Decision#: 394797.
DP Barcode: 354723.
Document (PDF) (929 KB PDF).

April 04, 2011. Memorandum. 20 Pages.
Jeannette Martinez. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
EPA Review of Monsanto & Dow response & supplemental modeling (dated March 18th, 2011)
to address SAP uncertainties for a 5% SmartStax seed blend expressing events MON 89034,
TC1507, MON 88017 & DAS-59122-7;...MRID# 484234-01.
Document (PDF) (638 KB PDF).

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