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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Cry1Ac (synpro) and the genetic material (from the insert of plasmid pMYC3006) necessary for its production in cotton (PC Code 006513)

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November 24, 2003. DER. 4 Pages.
Robyn Rose. Biopesticides & Pollution Prevention Div.
Nontarget Insect Testing, Tier 1 (885.4340).
MRID No.: 458084-09. DP Barcode No.: D290936.
Document (PDF)(224 KB PDF).

June 09, 2009. Memorandum. 20 Pages.
Shannon Borges. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Review of Studies Submitted for WideStrike Insect Resistant Cotton Seed (EPA Reg. No. 68467-3)
as a Condition of a Section 3 Registration...DP Barcode # 346371 & 361621, MRIDs 468037-01,
476673-01 & 476673-02; Decision # 397019, DP# 354503, MRID 474623-01.
Document(PDF) (281 KB PDF).

August 18, 2009. Memorandum. 2 Pages.
Jeannette Martinez. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Review of a three-year soil fate study to assess persistence and accumulation of plant
expressed Cry1Ac and Cry1F required as a condition of registration for Dow AgroSciences'
WideStrike cotton (MRID 472145-01), EPA Reg. No. 68467-3.
Document(PDF) (116 KB PDF).
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August 06, 2007. DER. 8 Pages.
Jeannette Martinez. Microbial Pesticides Branch.
Soil Accumulation (Nonguideline). MRID No.: 47214501. DP Barcode: DP346371.
Decision No.: 370934. Submission No.: 799398. Study No.: 030036.

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